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Nitrous Express Safe Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment System Boosted

SKU NEX15004
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The Nitrous Express SAFE (Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment) system improves the performance of any nitrous system. The SAFE system includes a high strength composite fuel cell that can be mounted in most factory battery trays without modification. This boosted version comes preassembled with a user adjustable boost referencing regulator and a internally mounted high output fuel pump. This SAFE system is designed to run with gasoline and will support up to 500 nitrous horsepower. When used with race gas, the need to retard timing is significantly reduced. Often on V8 engines using nitrous boosts of 150 horsepower and above zero timing retard is required. The SAFE system reduces the need to upgrade OEM fuel pumps, and will completely eliminate pressure drop at the fuel rail in EFI vehicles. The SAFE System includes an integrated fuel level gauge and all mounting hardware for a no hassle installation!