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Nitrous Express Lightning Series Nitrous Solenoid Low Amp 500HP Capable

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PRO POWER LIGHTNING NITROUS SOLENOID WITH .125 ORIFICE. SUPPORTS 500 HP. DRAWS 22AMPS MAX. HAS 1/8" NPT INLET AND OUTLETS ALSO HAS BUILT IN DRAW THROUGH 1/8 NPT PURGE PORT, , Low Amp Draw Solenoid has max opening pressure of 950psi., , NX Lightning Series Solenoids flow great, weigh less and look sexy. The key to maximizing nitrous horsepower is to keep the nitrous in liquid form until it is injected into the engine. Sharp bends cause nitrous flow to become turbulent which causes gaseous bubbles to form in the nitrous flow. Expansion areas also cause the nitrous to go gaseous. Liquid nitrous makes more power than gaseous nitrous Period! NX Lightning solenoids feature a raised inlet and a bottom exit which eliminates up to four 90 degree turns and one expansion area in the body of the solenoid. The result is more horsepower! Lightning series solenoids are CNC machined from lightweight billet aluminum and topped with carbon fiber cans for the ultimate in weight savings. Lightning series nitrous solenoids feature a bypass port which allows you to connect a purge valve directly to the body of the nitrous solenoid. Connecting the purge valve to the body of the nitrous solenoid not only looks cleaner, it ensures that there is no trapped air in the body of the solenoid., , Note: We also recommend that you check out the NX Lightning series fuel solenoids. They feature a bypass port which allows you to connect a small bypass/return line to your tank. This eliminates lean spikes caused by trapped air between your fuel pressure regulator and the fuel solenoid.